Friday, June 17, 2005

Impeachment In The Air

I will launch this blog with a very important announcement.
Impeachment is in the Air
Yesterday in D.C., cries for a Presidential Impeachment could be heard far and above the typical whispers that have until now surrounded the Downing Street Memo and supporting evidence.
Yesterday, on June 16th, Rep. John Conyers, House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member, chairs a meeting on the Downing Street Memo and pre-Iraq War intelligence. Witnesses include: former ambassador Joe Wilson, CIA analyst Ray McGovern, Cindy Sheehan, mother of fallen American soldier, and constitutional lawyer John Bonifaz. Dozens of Democratic Representatives showed up (122 signed on to Conyers’ letter), but only about 10 could make it into the room at any one time, so they came in shifts. The hearing examined the question of whether there is good cause to investigate possible impeachable offenses by the President in his justification of the war.
On Thursday, White House spokesman Scott McClellan dismissed the allegation in the Downing Street Memo. He said the Democrats were "simply trying to rehash old debates that have already been addressed. And our focus is not on the past. It's on the future and working to make sure we succeed in Iraq."
Ah, the old "leave us alone, it's all water under the bridge anyway" defense.
Thanks to Republican denial, the hearing was held in a tiny room of the Capitol Basement. In an attempt to quiet this call for the truth, Republicans:
  • Refused to call a full hearing themselves
  • Refused to give Democrats a room to hold their hearing
  • Scheduled a number of votes timed to intentionally disrupt the Conyers’ Hearings. (At approximately 2:15 PM, with hearing scheduled to begin at 2:30, the Republicans scheduled 11 consecutive floor votes, lasting until approximately 4 PM.)
For more information on the hearing, please visit C-Span.
To get a feel for this dramatic hearing, listen to a portion of Ray McGovern’s opening statement outlining this "anatomy of a lie".
Another must see is this video clip of Rep. John Conyers, Rep. Maxine Waters, Cindy Sheehan, and others, lashing out at President George W. Bush, and his lies, that maneuvered the country into the Iraqi War. The rally was held after the hearing on June 16, 2005, at Lafayette Park, in Washington, D.C.
What an extraordinarily important first step.
And an extraordinarily important time to be heard!